Bodybuilding: Few Of The Best Practices

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Are you planning to start building your body and confused about your routine? The internet can often distract you with too much information. So today we shed some light on some of the best practices in bodybuilding for you.

Body building: A Few Best Practices
Bodybuilding: Few Of The Best Practices

1. When Should I Workout If I Start Bodybuilding?

Workout during the morning because this is the time of the day when the levels of growth hormones affecting bodybuilding are at their peak. And it will help burn more calories.

2. How Long Should I Work Out For Bodybuilding On An Average?

Keep it under an hour for best results. Beyond this, the muscle-building level drops and also fat-burning hormones start reducing.

3. What Exercises Should I Do When I Start Bodybuilding?

Take up compound exercises for maximum results. Compounds exercises include deadlift, bench press, squat and row to name a few. Compound exercises are important because they work multiple muscles at the same time and give you the desired results in the least time.

4. What Should I Eat Before The Workout?

Workout on an empty stomach if you want to reduce weight. During the morning, all the carbs in your body will be spent and your body starts using the fat stored. This fat will be used as the fuel for your workout. If you find it hard to wake up early, you should give a gap of at least three hours after your meal, before you workout. You can have a pre-workout snack if you want to gain muscle. A whey protein shake mixed with milk can give you the necessary calorie addition.

5. Should I Warm-Up And Stretch?

Get the blood flowing into your muscles before you start your workout. You can do warm-up exercises like foot circles or arm circles, squats, treadmill, a quick walk or short run will also do. Start stretching exercises after your workout or between different sets of your workout. Stretch when your body temperature has increased and there is enough blood flow into your muscles.

6. Should I Follow A Breathing Pattern?

The general idea is that when you lift, you should exhale and when you out lower the weight, you should inhale.

7. What Are Sets And What’s The Best Set For Me?

Sets are a collection of repetitions. You should ideally not stick to a particular set for a long time. Your body is capable of adjusting itself to different sets and this is how you will build muscles.

8. Routine On A Rest Day?

Weight lifting results in the stack-up of lactic acid in the muscles. When you rest your body and concentrate on just aerobic exercises, you can remove lactic acid which can cause muscle soreness.

9. What About My Goals?

Yes, you should have bodybuilding goals. Goals are very important when it comes to bodybuilding. Most bodybuilders either want to lose weight or gain weight. So, depending on what your goals are, you have to keep yourself focused and motivated.

Bodybuilding: A Few Best Practices
Bodybuilding: Few Of The Best Practices

These are a few best practices that you should be following if you are starting to build your body. You are now one step closer to your bodybuilding goals!

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