Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance -

Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance

Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance

The belief that we exercise only to get a body ten is banished for a long time. Our motivations go further, and we look for long-term goals, such as staying young, healthy and strong. That is why we have decided to investigate until we find the fitness sport and gym classes that most contribute to this task. Because we want some steel abs and an ass in place, yes, but we are more interested in the benefit they can bring to our body to a more complete level.


According to a 2017 study by the medical publication Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, people who practice running routinely manage to reduce the possibility of premature death by 25-40%, as well as prolong their life expectancy up to 3 more years. Running being an all-time favorite fitness sport. Also, they suffer less risk of cardiovascular disease and release stress thanks to the production of endorphins that takes place during the process. And not only that, but also strengthen bones and joints. You do not cheer up? Well, you do not know the exercise so complete and liberating that you are missing.

Bikram Yoga

This variant of classical yoga, created by Bikram Choudhury, is based on performing the postures or traditional asanas of the discipline in an environment at 40 degrees of temperature. What do we get by subjecting the body to this heat while we exercise it? As explained in Bikram Yoga Spain, we are constantly moving the blood, oxygenating the whole body. Thanks to the heat, we ” burn fat more effectively ” and ” redistribute it on the muscular structure”, and not only that, we will be working ” all the organs, glands, tendons, ligaments, bones, all the cells of your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit”As you can see, you do not lose sight of a corner of your being, so that you maintain a young mind and body . It is considered as one of the best fitness sport.

Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance
Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance


Surely you know full well that going out with the bike helps you burn fat, harden the abdomen, tone your legs and buttocks in record time. Well, but were you aware of his ability to keep your joints young? Perhaps you had not noticed that, by improving blood circulation, is life insurance against cellulite and, according to a study by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, a way to alleviate life expectancy. It sounds good, does not it?

Dance, Dance, And Dance

In Boutique Gym, they are clear about it: there is no more fun way to exercise and keep fit than dance, in all its aspects. Funky, Hip Hop, Latin, Flamenco, Contemporary and Classic Ballet are your options, ideal to improve coordination and balance, work all the muscles of the body, sweat and burn a few toxins (hello, precious skin), improve our emotional state and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Let’s go there!


It’s a classic, we know it, but one that never fails. Improves posture, prevents back pain, helps us stretch the entire body, activates blood circulation and tones the muscles without any impact on the joints. Has it all! One of the best fitness sport.

Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance
Fitness Sport: Understand Its Importance

Body Balance

If you have never heard of this discipline, you can learn everything in the Smart Club. It is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates, which mixes ” controlled breathing exercises, concentration and the carefully selected sequences of stretches, movements and poses adapted to music, which result in a holistic session that will take you to a state of harmony and balance “. In this way, we are improving flexibility, strength, range of motion and reduce stress. The feeling of calm you will have at the end of the session is priceless.

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