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Why Join a Group Fitness Training Class

group fitness training

Groups have many benefits for your health and weight loss goals. First, when you are part of a group, you have the ability to ask for help when you need it most. Second, when you are in a group, you will be encouraged to seek new challenges and try new things. Third, working out with others can raise your motivation levels and help you burn extra calories. You will also be less likely to skip workouts because of being embarrassed or self-conscious about your body.

Group training is very similar to personal training, except that you are not working with just a single trainer. The primary difference is that instead of working with a personal trainer one-on-one instead, you will do so in the company of other members. Group fitness training is different from aerobics or exercise classes because your trainer can provide personalized coaching and not teach everyone to do the exact same thing. There will also be an instructor that will guide you through the steps but will not oversee your progress. When you take the exam to become certified as a personal trainer, the exam includes a written portion and a practice section.

Group Fitness Training

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You will find that group fitness certification exams include multiple-choice questions that ask about specific knowledge, skills, abilities and traits related to fitness. There are four sections to these tests, and they cover knowledge, abilities, behaviors and professional standards. Group certification exams for personal trainers often compare you with other personal trainers who have taken the test before you. There are other considerations that should be taken into account when testing for group exercise certifications.

When you take group fitness training, and you work with small group fitness classes, it is imperative that you learn to trust your instructor. If you feel you are not receiving feedback that is honest and from a reliable source, you may need to look for another instructor. You should also ask how long the individual has been a certified personal trainer and what type of classes they offer. You should also ask about the number of students in each class and whether or not group exercise certifications are offered at all.


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The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to work with virtual group fitness training online. Your computer and a good Internet connection are all you need to get started with this type of personal training online. Once you are ready to begin, you will be able to interact with other clients via chat, email and even video. These types of online group fitness classes allow you to keep track of your progress in an easy to read document so that others can see how you are improving with each workout session.

Online classes allow you to be able to use your own home computer and monitor your progress at any time, as long as you have access to a printer. This is great for individuals who need a little more privacy when working out and want to be able to get a weekly calendar or schedule of their fitness classes to go over before starting. These online groups also make it much easier for those who are self-motivated to keep pushing themselves to reach their fitness goals.

If you feel you are ready to take the next step in your exercise program and want to pursue a certification exam, there are many online classes you can take that will guarantee you a passing score on the test. When taking the exam, you will be required to take a series of multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of exercise physiology as well as basic anatomy and physiology. You will also be tested on learning how to analyze information from your fitness model, video and/or other documents. All of these tests will give you a score, and depending on your results, your certification will be issued. Once you pass the exam, you will become a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and can continue to work as a gym instructor or in a fitness management company, helping clients set up an exercise routine.

Bottom Line

Group fitness training classes can also help you save money by allowing you to schedule some time at the gym instead of paying for each session individually. Fitness trainers are often paid on commission, which means they must make money from clients in order to make ends meet. However, if a person is able to find a personal training class in their area, they can schedule a few sessions on their own without having to worry about being paid for individual sessions. For those who are serious about exercising and want to achieve their fitness goals, personal training classes are a great option. The sooner one enrols in such a class; the sooner one will start seeing positive results.

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