How The Different Kinds Of Rogue Fitness Equipment Can Help You Build Up Your Body -

How The Different Kinds Of Rogue Fitness Equipment Can Help You Build Up Your Body

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Titan Fitness is a leading fitness equipment brand that makes high quality home gyms and exercise equipment at a much lower cost than most of its competitors. In theory, all of the Titan fitness equipment is comparable to Rogue items in terms of quality, but their shoddy overseas manufacturing, cheaper product support, and vague warranty statements mean that the overall quality isn’t quite the same as what would be found.

An Overview

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The main difference between the Rogue and Titan Fitness equipment is in the features of each piece. The plates you can buy separately (and are often more expensive than the ones included in the main body of the machine) provide many of the same benefits and advantages. The difference lies primarily in the level of versatility and “machinery expertise” provided by the pieces individually. The Rogue can boast the ability to add a lot of weight onto a given plate, and while the plates of the Titan Fitness home gym are considerably more limited in capacity, the ability to do so is still fairly good.

While all of the parts of a typical Rogue home gym are well made, they aren’t nearly as varied as the pieces included in the Titan Fitness equipment. For example, there are only two weight plates – two total bars of weight, all of which can be used on any single workout bench. These two bars are also connected to a “bumper plate” that is attached to the top of each bar. This bumper plate sets the weights on the bench, allowing the exerciser to perform an endless series of bicep curls and tricep extensions with an extremely diverse range of weights. The bumper plates in the Titan Fitness machines allow for far greater mobility than the Rogue bumper plates allow.

Exceptional Quality

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With the exception of a couple of shoulder presses and a couple of lat pulldowns, there is very little else to this piece of equipment. This could easily be seen as a drawback since the bumper plates are the piece of equipment that tends to get hit the most. Fortunately, the Rogue home fitness machines are equipped with some rubber bumper plates which prevent the barbells from hitting the top rack. This is a small but significant benefit that puts the Rogue Fitness brand above the Titan Fitness products in our rundown of the best home fitness equipment out there today.

Another downside to the Rogue line is that there is no way to incorporate a barbell into your workouts. For this reason, many people who are serious about their workouts stick with either the Titan Fitness OXplosive series or the Rogue OXplosive Garage gym. The OXplosive series features a great design and nice graphics, but it is lacking in the strength department that sets the OXplosive series apart from the other models. The OXplosive garage gym is also heavier than many of the other models, so those looking for a lightweight home gym will likely find the OXplosive outdated. The garage gym and the other Rogue fitness equipment are both available in stores though, and those interested can often find them online.

Quality Of Equipment 

With the exception of the bumper plates, the other equipment included in the Rogue home fitness equipment line is pretty standard. There is a cable rack, a couple of free weights, two adjustable dumbbells, and possibly one or two squat bars. The dumbbells are pretty much all the same as those found on the Titan Fitness machines. Two different styles of dumbbells are offered: one is a hydraulic design that require the user to cock the barbell by turning a handle, and the other is a spring disc design that have a snap-lock mechanism for easy setting up and operation. There are eight handles on each side of each dumbbell rack. As far as the squat bars go, these can vary from one retailer to the next.

One main difference between the explosive and the Rogue Fitness equipment is the rack depth. The OXplosive is limited to eighteen inches of space while the Rogue Fitness power rack goes all the way up to fifty-eight inches. This may not seem like a lot of difference, but in reality it means that an individual will have to decide which type of workout equipment is best for their needs. If you have limited space then the OXplosive is probably a good choice, especially since it does not have a lot of extra features and it will take up the least amount of space. For those who have space problems and want to set up a home gym with enough space to allow them to do many workouts, then the Rogue Fitness power rack is probably the best bet.


With the dumbbells included the Rogue Fitness Equipment is geared more towards men, although there are some great female models. These include the H&R Block dumbbell handles in pink, along with another set of handles in blue. The total comes out to be seventy-five different colors of dumbbells to choose from, so everyone in your family can enjoy a cool color at home. The Rogue Fitness equipment has a simple design that keeps the weight evenly distributed so that each person always has a pair of dumbbells available for a workout no matter what their size.

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